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About Us

About Us

We are dedicated to being the leader in providing quality produce and services, which exceed the expectations of our customers.

At General Produce Distributors our factory focuses on simplifying the fruit packing and distribution process. Our unique packing process allows us to limit shrink and enhance appearance for our customers by only packing the best quality fruit. We source our fruit from top farms across the world for every client and regrade each item twice to ensure the highest quality. 


We are and have always been a family-run business. We have passed on our values and commitment to excellence to the next generation. This is our business and we are proud to bring a personal approach to each and every one of our clients. 

Our distribution and packing takes the pressure off our customers and allows them to relax, reduce overall costs, and receive the highest quality product each and every time.

Our Products

Our Products

We are proud of our produce! While our facility is able to bring in a wide range of citrus produce based on the needs of our customers, our expertise lies in oranges, clementines, and lemons.


Navel Oranges






Our Environmental Commitment

At General Produce we are focused on reducing our carbon footprint. 
Every day we are striving to be more environmentally friendly.


Our dedication to recycling

We ensure that all cardboard and palette materials are properly recycled so they can be reused.


Biodegradable products

We source our bagged netting through Vexar which is proven to be biodegradable within 2 years of disposal.


Our Shipping Process

We aim to reduce our carbon emissions by using the rail systems to distribute our produce. Shipping by rail produces 90% fewer hydrocarbons than truck distribution. 

Environmental Commitment
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Get in Touch

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